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RoiQ™ is our Marketing Automation, Analytics & Attribution platform. RoiQ provides Automotive Retailers, Agencies, OEMs and Regional Ad Groups with the ability build ads dynamically across every medium at the push of a button. RoiQ™ measures every impression served, scores each bid request and determines the ROI of AdSpends tied to vendor performance across all digital campaigns. RoiQ™ answers which advertising contributed to each car sold and what was the consumers online path to purchase was, coupled with the commonality across every consumers touch-points specific to the local market served.

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By leveraging Impression/Bid-cast level data* the RoiQ™ platform offers an industry first “sales match”; even if no leads were submitted or phone calls received. In addition to RoiQ’s sales match capabilities, RoiQ provides your dealership’s decision makers insight in to your consumers complete path to purchase across all their devices coupled with “commonality”**.

RoiQ tracks when a shopper is served any ad or video across the web. By parsing select data returned from advertising exchanges, RoiQ captures 1,000’s of data-points about each shopper and creates a profile. Profiles are siloed and appended with event data, emails, form submissions & phone calls. Every action is sourced, scored and dissected. Post sale DMS/CRM data is matched to consumers browsing behavior from their visits to your website coupled with those along the way. Their “path to purchase”. Giving your dealership the ability to determine the ROI across all digital marketing campaigns.

*Impression/Bid-cast level tracking details how ads are bid to be served to consumers across a mosaic of websites influence their path to purchase. While establishing/defining a correlation (if any) to how different users interacted with varied creative on multiple devices.

**Commonality defined as the aggregating of individual browsing behaviors across the mosaic of websites the collective have visited to determine where individuals read and/or interacted with sites and/or creative in common during user defined stages of the purchasing funnel.

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